At One Source, our mission is clear: Do Good by the environment and all who dwell there.

Environmental Benefits Of Organic Compost w/Biochar
  • Less Water Required
  • Healthy Forests
  • Improved Soil Quality
  • Sequester More GHG, i.e. Carbon Dioxide

We must improve our soil. If we don’t, the rest of the environmental efforts won’t matter.

The soil is the key to resolving all of our environmental issues. Without soil rich in microbiology and carbon matter there is no method in which greenhouse gasses can be sequestered. The holding capacity of our soil is so drastically diminished that industry requires more chemicals to maintain current production rates. Improving our soil by enriching it is the key to environmental reparation.

Global Challenges and Solutions

  • Problem – Soil degradation of farmlands due to chemical fertilizers
  • Solution – Farmers buy compost/biochar products to improve farmland soil quality
  • Problem – Stockpile of animal manure, stockpile management of animal remains and food recalls
  • Solution – One Source repurposes waste to create organic compost
  • Problem – Risk of wildfires with $2+ billion in fire suppression costs
  • Solution – Work with USFS, private foresters and Indian Nations to buy logged merchantable, understory, non- merchantable timber and slash to create biochar and activated charcoal
  • Problem – Farming economics
  • Solution – Use compost/biochar products to substantially reduce cost of irrigation and chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides and boost crop yields
  • Problem – Climate change effects soil and water retention
  • Solution – Use compost, biochar and activated charcoal to sequester carbon and increase the soil’s water holding capacity
  • Problem –Lack of manufacturing and natural resource jobs in rural America
  • Solution – Invest in OSE to create STEM, logistics and manufacturing jobs in rural areas