Who We Are…

Our mission is clear – Develop eco-friendly products from waste streams to support clean air, water, food and a healthy ecosystem using state-of-the-art technology and a sustainable, profitable, and scalable business model

Products – Initial product portfolio consists of highly effective agricultural products including organic fertilizers, biochar, and activated charcoal which works to improve soil conditions and remediate environmental challenges

One Source products are guaranteed to be Organic, Sustainable, and Regenerative

Our Organic Compost, Biochar, and Biochar Products:

  • Contain no glyphosate
  • Improve crop yields
  • Improve water holding capacity of the soil
  • Assist in the sequestration of carbon in the soil
  • Improve soil quality while reducing the need for synthetic chemicals and fertilizers


  • All materials to create our products are sourced from industrial, municipal/state waste streams, and private and public lands.
  • Our approach is simple – help rid the environment of harmful waste streams by converting the waste into products that support soil-based carbon sequestration and regenerative farming practices.

Global Impact:

  • Improve the overall soil quality to improve crop yields
  • Reduce chemical inputs by improving soil quality
  • Improve water holding capacity thereby reducing the impact of drought and extreme weather
  • Improve global water quality by increasing the soil holding capacity, thereby reducing the runoff of expensive and damaging fertilizers and herbicides
  • Assist in soil remediation efforts in areas of contamination and spills
  • Help improve the overall quality of life by providing clean eco-friendly products
  • Assist reforestation efforts to save our forests and help reduce wildfire frequency and damage by removing slash and understory from the forests